True story behind jallikattu

The South Indian film industry has always surprised everyone with its unique stories and innovative storytelling approach. Their unique mix of soundtrack and stylish way of cinema telling always makes their movies worth watching. The South Indian film industry likes to take experimenting directors, struggling actors and give them a chance to showcase their talent in which they never disappoint. The movies would start small, and by the interval, the director would end the first half of the movie with a major cliffhanger. This prompts the audience to sit and wait for the reveal as to what is going to happen. The theatres were closed, which forced many talented and new directors to launch their movies on various streaming platforms that also gained a lot of attention compared to the conventional method of releasing a movie in the theatre. Aha is a streaming platform launched by the Telugu film industry in March 2020 that became an instant hit and had many Telugu full movies online and other regional movies dubbed in Telugu.

One such movie dubbed in Telugu is the 2019 Malayalam thriller movie Jallikattu. When released in Kerala, this movie left a deep impact on the audiences and was the main topic of conversation among many movie lovers. The story is about a bull who once manages to escape from a slaughterhouse in a remote village. The people then create some nuisances in the village, which they blame the bull and find ways to hurt and kill the poor animal. This movie showcases a perfect example of how human beings treat each other under pressure. The human behaviour of blaming each other and not thinking before killing an innocent animal asks you whether we are as developed as we see ourselves or there is no difference between humans and animals. This movie was first released at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2019, and it received critical acclaim. The movie was later released in the theatres in Kerala on 04 October 2019. Soon it was dubbed in various languages and was loved by everyone. The movie was so well written and executed that it was the third film nominated for the Oscars that year. The movie’s cast includes Antony Varghese, Chemban Vinod Jose and SabumonAbdusamad. This amazing movie was erected by Lijo Jose Pellissery and was produced by O. Thomas Panicker under the production company Opus Penta. Prashant Pillai gave soulful music to the movie, and Girish Gangadharan did the spectacular cinematography. This movie is dubbed in Telugu, and you can stream it on Aha.

The best aspect was that it was liked by everyone, especially the story and the direction. The storytelling gives the audience a feeling that we humans are not as evolved and can cause many problems for themselves and each other under pressure. The thrills and the twist leave you wanting for more and stunned at the same time. The soundtrack of the movie does the job of giving you the thrills every time effortlessly.

To conclude

You can watch movies online on the streaming platform Aha.

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