Things you should know about Melanotan 2

Proper dosages:

It is one thing you’ll have to be compelled to estimate yourself since most are different, there’s no customary dose that will work for everybody. Many people have completely different weights, skin types, most popular tan levels, and some folks answer medicine higher than others.


Zero.5mg (5IU) each day till the required skin tone is achieved. Whereas doing injections each day you must be obtaining some ultraviolet light ray exposure a minimum of each alternative day. Melanotan is active within the body for 36h when injection, you must get some ultraviolet light rays among now or injected Melanotan is wasted.

Maintenance – 1mg (10 IU) once or double per week. The temporal order that the general public getting down to use Melanotan can expertise delicate nausea right when injection. For this reason, it’s sensible to require injections simply before progressing to bed you sleep it over.


Injecting Melanotan:

Melanotan ought to be injected within the fat layer of skin, ordinarily, this can be drained belly fat. The injection ought to be painless if done properly. Below could be a dosing example not secured by established science. It can be the sole example, you must do your analysis and experiment to check what doses are best for you.

Doses and dosing frequency on the scale can vary from person to person. However, this can be for your overall understanding:

A male, 85kg, skin sort three and his goal to have a moderately brown skin

Know about Fitzpatrick skin chart

You can read more about this on by using this link.So basically many people have different shapes, sizes, and skin tomes as well. And due to this considerable factor of variance the Fitzpatrick skin chart have designed skin types into one of the six identifiable characters. For example, in first type the skin tone is very fair, in second type it is fair skin, in third type skin tone is medium, in fort type skin tone is olive, in fifth skin tone is brown, and in last skin tone has definite pigmentation.

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