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Dosimetry is basically an area of increasing importance in the field of diagnostic radiology. There is usually a realization amongst different health professionals that the radiation dose which is received by the patients from modern X-ray examinations, as well as procedures, can be at a level of significance for the induction of cancer across a specific population, and also in some of the unfortunate instances, in the acute damage to some of the particular body organs like skin and eyes. The formulation and also the measurement procedures for diagnostic radiology dosimetry have recently been standardized by an international code of practice which basically describes the methodologies which are essential to address the diverging imaging modalities that are used in diagnostic radiology.

Dosimetry methodologies are basically the measurement of the air kerma from the X-ray device under some of the defined conditions. In order to ensure the accuracy of the dosimetric determination, such as measurements that need to be made with some of the appropriate instrumentation that has a calibration that is traceable to a standard laboratory.

dosimetría radiológica

Different types of dosimetric methods that are used in radiology departments for numerous purposes include the determination of patient dose levels to allow examinations to be optimized as well as to assist in decisions on the justification of some examination choices. Patient dosimetry is very essential for some of the special cases like X-ray examinations of children and also pregnant patients. It is also a major component of the quality control of X-ray equipment as well as procedures.

Our dosimetría radiológica services basically ensure you with accurate as well as reliable staff monitoring and also precise dose measurements in any kind of environment where there is potential exposure to some of the ionizing radiations.

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