Buy the best type of transmission belts

Belts are the flexible mechanical element used to transfer the power from one system to another system. One of the commonly used methods in the transmission system is belts when two shafts are parallel to each other. The belts transmit power by friction, and this system used for a long center-to-center distance of the shaft. The friction between the pulley and belt should be as high as possible for effective transmission. According to your industrial needs, you can choose the best type of correas from the well-established company. The transmission belts should be made up of high-quality materials, and the company should offer you a wide range of belt models.

Some factors to consider while choosing the transmission belts are given below:

  • The center distance between the shaft and pulley.
  • Power transmitted between the systems.
  • The layout of the shaft.
  • The rotational speed.
  • Temperature and lubrication conditions.
  • The materials should be durable and reliable.
  • The belt material should have excellent resistance to wear and fatigue.

The above-mentioned factors are common that you should consider while choosing the transmission belts. The different belt types are,

correas industriales

Flat belt: These belts are flat and rectangular in cross-section. The rotational power from one pulley to other is transmitted due to friction between the belt and pulley surface. If the belt is in the proper size, smooth operation is done. It is suitable for a long-distance between two center-to-center shafts. Flat belts offer an optimal efficiency of 98%, and it is very less noisy operation. The arrangement of flat belts can be two types: Open flat belt drive and Cross flat belt drive.

V-belts:V-belts are in trapezoidal cross-section. Depending on the power to be transferred, the number of pulleys used. Generally, these types of belts used for the transmission of large power. One best feature of V-belts is that can be used in any position and direction. The installation and replacement of V-belt are easy.

Timing belt:This type of belts are used for power or motion transmission with accurate timing. It is mostly used inside the system to transmit power. Timing belts are considered as the positive drive, which is a reliable type of belt. Timing belts have toothed surface, and so it does not transmit the power using friction. It is an expensive belt because it requires a special type of pulley.

These are the common types of belts used in the industries. You could buy correas at reasonable costs from the reputed company. Mostly, all type of belts installed and removed easily. The construction is simple, and the cost for the maintenance is low. Due to various advantages, industries have been using the belts for long years. The best company will provide transmission products with high-quality.

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