These scholarships are awarded each year to every full-time undergraduate student on the Bolivar campus based on GPA and ACT or SAT score. Amounts include a residency grant that is awarded to students living in campus housing. Go to the SBU Estimator at www.SBUniv.edu/SBUEstimator to enter information to find out for which scholarship you may qualify.

Ingman Distinguished Scholars Award up to $14,500
Pike Scholars Award up to $12,500
Board of Trustees Scholars Award up to $10,000
Presidential Scholars Award up to $8,500

Academic-Competitive Scholarships
If you qualify for an Ingman Distinguished Scholars Award or a Pike Scholars Award, you are eligible to attend Scholars Day to compete for the J.R. Maupin Founders Full-Tuition Awards and maximize your scholarship level.

Performance Scholarships
Music, theater, or forensics scholarships beginning at $500 have an application deadline of February 1. The deadline for an art scholarship is December 15. More information on the application process for these scholarships can be found online at: www.SBUniv.edu/scholarships

Athletic Scholarships
SBU Athletics is dedicated to following Chris, building character, and developing champions. Athletic scholarships beginning at $500 are available in these NCAA Division II sports:
Men: Baseball, Basketball, Cross Country, Football, Golf,
Soccer, Tennis, Track & Field
Women's: Basketball, Cross Country, Golf, Soccer, Softball,
Tennis, Track & Field
Co-Ed: Esports (member of NAC)

Church-related Scholarships
With the exception of the Church Matching Scholarship, the deadline to apply for a church-related scholarship is February 1. If you apply to SBU after February 1, your specific scholarship application is due within 30 days. Applications for these scholarships are available after admittance to SBU. Each scholarship is renewable annually as long as the criteria are met.
Church Matching Scholarship Dollar-for-dollar match with your
church's contribution to your education up to $500
Church-Related Vocation Scholarship Major in Biblical Studies
Christian Ministries, Christian Studies, Religion and
Philosophy, Intercultural Studies, or Church Music. $2,000
Dependent of Church Minister Scholarship Have a parent or
spouse who is employed as a full-time minister in a
church $1,000
Dependent of Missionary Scholarship Have a parent or spouse
who is currently serving on the mission field with the
International Mission Board, North American Mission

Board, or another approved missions organization. $1,000