Are you interested in a Medical Career within Lafayette, Saline, Johnson or Pettis County in Missouri? If yes, then you can apply for a scholarship with the I-70 Medical Center Education Foundation. The purpose of the Fund shall be to enhance the hospital and community by providing scholarships in the healthcare field, with an emphasis on rural healthcare, and in other ancillary fields deemed appropriate by the scholarship advisory committee.

Preference will be given to individuals willing to commit to seeking employment in the medical profession located within the four Missouri counties of Lafayette, Saline, Johnson and Pettis.
The committee reserves the right to accept or reject any and all applications.

Contact: Greater Kansas City Community Foundation

The requirements for applicants are as follows:
1. Must be a resident of Saline, Lafayette, Johnson, or Pettis County, which serve as the I-70 Community Hospital service area.
2. Must provide previous high school or college transcripts, or GED scores.
3. Must be enrolled in an accredited college/university, or a junior college and be able to furnish certificate of acceptance.
4. Non-students, if employed, must furnish work history for 2 years prior from employer or supervisor.
5. Provide two letters of recommendation - employer, co-worker, teacher, friend, minister - stating character, need, aptitude, and emotional stability.
6. Scholarships will be awarded only after certificate of acceptance to an academic program is presented. A copy of all College/University grades must be given to the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation.
7. Monies will be distributed in two increments; August prior to school beginning and again in January prior to the second semester. First quarter/semester transcripts are required to meet a 3.0 GPA. If scholarship recipients receive a GPA of less than 3.0 the committee has a right to review with recipient, possible probation period and possibly withdraw monies.
8. Recipients are encouraged to seek employment after graduation in their medical field in the I-70 Community Hospital service area if possible.

Applications can be submitted prior to March 31st and October 31st for approval by the Board of Trustees of the Foundations.

After acceptance, all disbursements and communications with the recipient are managed by the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation.

Scholarships are renewable as long as the recipient meets or exceeds the academic requirements of the Foundation.

After acceptance, the recipient must submit a tracking performance report after completion of each semester to the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation to continue the program.