When should you decide on heater repairs?

We use so many electrical appliances at home. Are all these maintenance-free for a lifetime? The answer is obvious. Electrical equipments may face sudden failures leading to a disturbance in your normal activities.

Sometimes these appliances give out some warning signs that you as a homeowner should notice before the issue becomes too big.

Unusually high energy bills

You have been using all the appliances as usual but still find a sudden spike in your energy bills. This calls for your attention. None of us want to pay huge bills. So when you get a high energy bill, it is your alarm to check the appliances. Find out if your heater is the cause of the issue and identify the issue. Make sure you make necessary repair works so that the faulty heater does not lead to any other complications.

heater at home

Noise from the heater duct

Your homes will have ducts all around to distribute the heat generated by the wall heaters. Planet Heat have some great heating options in the UK without ducts too for you to check out. If you hear any unusual noise coming from the ducts, there may be some issue with your heater. The normal heating process does leave out some noise but is unnoticeable. Here, we are talking about unusual noise. If the noise is not subsiding, ensure to call the electrician to have your heater checked. It may be due to any faulty component.

On and off-cycle very frequent

If the heater constantly changes from on and off position, you have to check it out. It is usual for a heater to auto cut-off every 15-20 minutes. But if the cycle is very frequent, like every 5 minutes or so, then you have to arrange for a service. This can be dangerous if not checked.

It is easy to maintain a heater at home. Just look for these warning signs and react immediately.

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