The most common uses of first aid kits are for bodily wounds, scratches, and cuts. Sometimes, when the time comes that we need to administer first aid, we do not know what to do. We know that we have to sanitize and treat it well and the use of gauze is the best way to do it. But, not all know what is it and what is its main purpose. Gauze is a piece of fabric often used for scrubbing, cleaning, covering, and securing wounds. To help you with this, here are the steps on how to use gauze on conducting first aid so you will not have trouble treating your wounds and of the people around you when the situation calls.

Follow these steps then:

  • Wear hand gloves or sanitize your hands first before getting a gauze pad that is larger than the wound to keep it clean and uncontaminated.
  • Make sure to put antibiotic cream on the pads or if you have, just use medicated ones. The cream must be thick enough so that it can effectively absorb liquid from the said wound.
  • Thoroughly sanitize the wound and cover it starting from below continuing to the way upwards. Never secure it tightly because the pad might stick to the wound causing the wounded to get hurt further.
  • Use medical tape in securing the remaining tail of the pad if it can not be secured itself.
  • If the wound is huge, still follow the above-mentioned steps on how to use gauze on conducting first aid, then lay the gauze pad in a flat manner. Cover the wound while your thumb holds the other edge of the pad and roll it twice to finally cover it.
  • Again, secure the outer part of the pad with medical tape, clips, or anything you can use.


Having such knowledge on conducting first aid is very essential because out of all the people, you, yourself is the first one you can rely on. So, it is better to know it for self-care and for helping other people too.

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