Advanced Micro Devices and its Development

Advanced Micro Devices were given the trademark as NASDAQ: AMD at and also as Nasdaq 100 component and S&P 500 component. It is a semi-conductors industry founded on 1st May 1969 in Santa Clara in California. It sells its products all over the world and its chairman is Mr John Edward Cladwell and its President Cum CEO IS Mr Lisa Su. They both are the chief persons of the company who brought the company to this level of achievement to maintain the status of the company. Their hard work and passion only take to the height of the peak in their career. Their manufacturing products are a microprocessor, controllers, Drivers, Central Processing Unit (CPU), Graphics Processing Unit, Systems-on chip, Motherboard Chipsets, Network interface, TV accessories, Embedded Processors, Solid-state drives etc. the company started its career from 1969 and they started its hike from the year 1975 when they entered into the field of the microprocessor as a reverse-engineered clone of intel. Then they received the copyright license to the microcodes and their processors. In 1977 they collaborated with siemens and gained more profit by sharing their stocks. In 1978, they reached sales of 100 Million $. After that, they entered into the new york stock exchange in the year 1979 and initiated their production of semi-conductors plant in Texas. They joined telecommunications in 1980 with lots of innovation and quick expansion of the company.

Development process

Now the tenth year of an agreement with Intel for Technology Exchange Agreement was signed first in October 1981. Then they developed their process in the manufacture of many products like chips related to the microprocessor. Next, they introduced the highest manufacturing quality of INT.STD.1000.

Many surveys and research has been done on various products to increase their productivity, as a result, they created the world’s first 512k EPROM during the year 1984. In the same year, it was listed in the top 100 best companies to work in America and entered the Fortune 500. AMD has made its standard of success with the AMD7910 and AMD7911 world chip FSK modem. In 1986, they shifted to AMD Am29000 embedded processor. The share value of EPROM increases in the late 1980s. They sustained their second source supplier of Intel X86 processor.

A new designed chip AM386 compatible was introduced and AMD starts to manufacture their chips and competed directly with Intel. They joined hands with the Spanish people and started establishing and beating others with flash memory business. From 2005 they focused on the Spanish microprocessor market and takes it to the next level of the graphics processor. After that their share rates are increased and AMD has reached its name, fame and standard in society in 2006. Before investing, you can check more stocks like nasdaq mfnc at

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